Excess moisture inside the packaging causes a series of negative effects on the finished product such as mold, oxidation and rust, thus causing economic damage to the company.

The goods shipped and stored for long periods are thus preserved with the use of dehydrating bags from possible damage by reducing the humidity inside the packaging. Silital provides many solutions to its customers by satisfying every type of need with a varied choice of raw materials and type of casing.


In an increasingly globalized market, around 20 million containers reach the sea every day and the goods transported are open to the risk of damage caused by condensation and excess humidity inside them.

During their long journeys, containers are affected by many atmospheric factors such as temperature changes between day and night which cause a rain effect inside them. Silital dehydrating bags allow you to avoid this situation by absorbing excess moisture and ensuring a stable environment inside the containers.


The humidity indicators allow you to check the humidity rate inside a package by providing a clear and visual color change in the circular spots on the cardboard, giving the immediate percentage of the UD level in the environment.

If the humidity level is high, the operator must check that the packed product is still in excellent condition and immediately replace the dehydrating bags.