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 Dehydrating bags for industry

Dehydrating bags for industry


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Many applications and industrial processes have to be carried out under special conditions, and excessive humidity or contamination of the air by other gases affect the functioning of the systems.

Silital packaging bags are used for air drying and absorption as well as dew point reduction.

For example, they are also used for humidity regulation in clean rooms, static drying of powder rolls or metal filaments for 3D printers, and for moisture protection in control cabinets.

Silital's raw materials, such as silica gel, bentonite clay, molecular sieve, and orange silica gel prevent this by absorbing all excess moisture and maintaining air quality.


The importance of correct humidity in industrial processes

Every industrial sector, from automotive to foodstuffs, from pharmaceuticals to steel production, requires humidity control, which is why it is important to ensure stable, accurate and reliable humidity measurements.

This is possible thanks to humidity sensors, which signal when the level of water vapour threatens to damage the goods and calls for countermeasures. These include the use of dehydrating salts, which have the function of absorbing moisture from packaging and containers and are used in conjunction with barrier laminates to ensure the complete protection of electrical equipment, industrial machinery and containers.

The desiccant bags act as real dehumidifiers and keep the humidity level in the package below 40% at a temperature of 15°C. These are suitable values to avoid degradation of the goods.

Dehydrating salt bags are offered in different weights and meet DIN, MIL and NFH safety standards. 


The materials of dehydrating bags for industry

Dehydrating bags for the Silital industry are made from various materials:

  • Activated clay or desiccant: a 100% natural material suitable for all industrial packaging due to its excellent dehydrating qualities and value for money;
  • Silica gel (or silica dioxide): particularly used for the transport of food and pharmaceutical products, leather and electronics, it is a synthetic dehydrating agent characterised by its high degree of purity;

In addition to these substances, Silital also uses bentonite, molecular sieve and orange silica gel in the production of dehydrating bags and sachets. In all cases, these are safe, non-toxic, dimethylfumarate-free materials that do not alter the properties and characteristics of industrial systems, which is why they are also used for humidity reduction in clean rooms.