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Silital Products - Desiccant bags and moisture indicators

To the customer who wants to protect goods during transport and storage Silital offers a wide range of products including desiccant bags, moisture indicators and container desiccants. Let's see the features.

Dehydrating bags

Excess moisture in packaging leads to deterioration of the product with mould, oxidation and rust and economic damage for the company. This is why it is important to preserve goods shipped or stored for long periods with dehydrating bags that reduce humidity, and in this field Silital offers customers products designed to meet every need. These include:

  • Dehydrating pouches from 0.5 g to 1.5 kg: keep products safe in the most diverse sectors (food, furniture and design, luxury goods, fashion, pharmaceuticals, electronics and many more)
  • Micro bag of 0,5g, 1g, 2g: these bags can be customized with the company's logo printed in contrasting colors to offer packaging with attention to detail and a product that protects against moisture without sacrificing aesthetics. These desiccant bags are used for small products in the high fashion, jewelry and electronics industries;
  • Moisture sachets with hook:: even moisture absorption is ensured by positioning the sachets at different heights thanks to a strong hook.

Container dehydrators

In an increasingly globalized market, around 20 million containers reach the sea every day and the goods transported are exposed to the risk of damage caused by condensation and excess humidity inside them.

Containers during their long journeys are affected by many atmospheric factors such as temperature changes between day and night that cause a rain effect inside them. Silital desiccant bags avoid this situation by absorbing excess moisture and ensuring a stable environment inside the containers.

Humidity indicators

Moisture indicators pmake it possible to check the moisture content inside a package by providing a clear and visual color change in the circular spots on the cardboard, giving the immediate percentage of the UD level in the environment. If the moisture content is high, the operator should check that the packaged product is still in good condition and replace the desiccant bags immediately.

Silital offers customers two different types of moisture indicators:

  • Porthole: these are the ideal product for inspecting the moisture level inside a barrier package and allow the saturation of the desiccant bags to be assessed;
  • Label: These are indicators with reading spots that indicate the exceeding of a moisture value within a package.