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Desiccant bags Aerospace&Defence

Desiccant bags Aerospace&Defence


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Silital desiccant salts and desiccant bags are also used in the Aerospace&Defence industry to decrease the relative humidity of the environment and protect mechanical parts such as engines, blades, satellites.

An advantage in terms of instrument preservation is already achieved by lowering the relative humidity (RH) and keeping it below 30%. This is the result Silital, a company specialising in dehydrating bags, offers to customers in the Aerospace&Defence sector.


Characteristics of dehydrating salts for the aerospace industry

Pouches with dehydrating salts based on silica gel or clay are also used in the aerospace and defence industry to maintain and reduce RH. Thanks to specific chemical-physical characteristics, these substances are able to absorb the water vapour present in the atmosphere without releasing the absorbed water.

The Silital desiccant bag is used to reduce moisture and protect parts such as engines, blades and satellites of aircraft and other aircraft from oxidation and corrosion. The amount of product to be used changes depending on the moisture level and the material to be protected.


Silital's offer for the Aerospace and Defence sector

For the Aerospace and Defence industries Silital provides bags of dehydrating salts specifically designed to protect not only the aircraft, but also the material being transported. These products meet the strict requirements of industry regulations and are offered in various weights depending on the size of the package to be protected.

Companies use Silital's products in particular to prevent corrosion, mould and moisture in aeronautical parts, helicopter packaging and even exceptional transport in the Aerospace and Defence sector.

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