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Fashion dehydrating bags

Fashion dehydrating bags


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Garments are at risk of being ruined by the presence of moisture, and this problem does not only affect wardrobes at home, where mould and unpleasant odours can form, but also clothing companies, shops and warehouses.


Moisture and clothes: the use of Silital desiccant bags

To prevent mould and moisture on clothes, Silital desiccant bags can be used. They ensure safe cleaning and are made of silica desiccant gel, a non-recycled material that originates from natural minerals and takes the form of grains or beads after the purification process.

Silital's silica gel is moisture-proof and prevents fabrics from being ruined, keeping clothes, shirts, jumpers and even leather accessories perfect at all times. The sachets of dehydrating salts ensure a high absorption rate of about 40 per cent of their own weight in water vapour and have wide application.

Dehumidifying and anti-mould bags are perfect for all fashion and clothing companies that want to protect their goods, especially when it comes to high fashion.


Characteristics of Silital dehydrating salts

Years of experience and collaboration with the biggest names in haute couture have resulted in Silital desiccant bags and a wide range of products specifically designed and developed to protect clothes, shoes, accessories, fabrics and haute couture garments from moisture.

Silital desiccant bags are available in various weights and contain bentonite or silica gel and prevent mould and odour from forming inside the packaging. In order to produce an effective and safe product, the company uses raw materials that meet the requirements of the regulations and control bodies, which define the characteristics of the product.

The proposed dehydrating products are easy to use, free of hazardous substances and do not release chemicals. In addition, the fashion brand can customise the desiccant gel sachet with the company logo printed front and centre for a better image in the eyes of the end customer.