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Shoes: how to defend against condensation and mould?


Shoes: how to defend against condensation and mould?


When we think of mould, we are not only referring to mould on the walls of the house, but also mould that can damage shoes and bags. This is why retailers and fashion houses put bags of dehydrating salts in the shoebox. So let's see how to eliminate and prevent mould from shoes.


Mould on shoes: how to get rid of it

Shoe owners live with the constant dread of mould, moisture and condensation forming on their shoes. Fortunately, today there is no need to throw away footwear and there are some effective remedies for eliminating mould. 

In any case, it is important to fight humidity in the shop and equip each shoebox with a bag of dehydrating salts or a sachet of silica gel such as those sold by Silital. 


Preventing mould in shoes: sachets of dehydrating salts

Preventing mould in shoes is of paramount importance for every fashion house and shoe and clothing shop that needs to offer customers perfect products at all times. For this, it is essential to follow certain precautions:

  • Always store the shoes in the box perfectly dry;
  • Store the shoes in a warehouse with low humidity;
  • Ensure good air circulation in the shop and warehouse.

Added to this practical advice is the importance of inserting Silital's dehydrating salt sachets based on silica gel and activated carbon, substances that absorb moisture, into the shoes. In particular, dehydrating sachets protect footwear from mould and condensation and counteract shoe odour.

Silica gel not only absorbs moisture, it can also eliminate odours from trainers. Simply place packets inside our trainers overnight to find them fresh in the morning. This is why bags and sachets have always been present in the shoe packaging of the best brands, and fashion companies, shops and shoe factories can rely on Silital's experience and expertise to purchase a product that protects valuable goods from moisture.

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