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Dehydrating bags for leather goods

Dehydrating bags for leather goods


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Leather products are very delicate and even women who love handbags, belts and leather goods need to know how to store them properly in order to maintain this material over time. 

The first thing not to do is to store leather goods in damp areas, lest you find mould on the surface. It is best to choose a dry place away from exposure to sunlight and to keep bags and belts in their case to avoid damage from moisture.


The importance of avoiding humidity for leather goods

Manufacturers, retailers and shopkeepers who have to store leather goods must regulate the humidity of the rooms and stabilise the microclimate to keep the product in optimal condition.
This is why Silital offers companies dehydrating salt bags made of natural material such as silica gel, which is safe and non-toxic.

No less important is the use of desiccant sachets, which are available in many weights to meet the most varied usage requirements and protect leather articles. At Silital you also find dehydrating bags that protect leather goods during transport in containers and storage.


Why use Silital desiccant bags

Leather is a natural and organic product that in contact with moisture can lose the characteristics that tanning, cleaning and polishing give it.

Moisture can cause halos and mould to form and result in a loss of lustre.

Thanks to Silital's anti-mould bags, you can guarantee your leather a long period of safe storage while maintaining perfect preservation.

The raw materials selected for the production of Silital desiccant bags are composed of silica gel, a completely natural material that guarantees safety for both the user and the environment, as it is totally non-toxic.

Thanks to their absorption capacity, desiccant bags decrease the dew point inside the packaging during the entire transport process, leaving the quality of the product unaltered.

In this way, you can count on a leather product always being in top condition, designed to resist damage from moisture and time without fading or changing its appearance and characteristics. Buying a Silital desiccant bag and silica gel sachets means taking the utmost care of your products.