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Dehydrating bags for transport, storage and logistics

Dehydrating bags for transport, storage and logistics


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When goods are transported in containers, there is a risk that they will be ruined by the effects of condensation and moisture, which is especially true for wood and cardboard packaging. In many cases, condensation is generated by the goods themselves, particularly if flour, wood, paper, grain and natural products are being transported. That is not all.

The temperature difference between day and night causes the rain effect with continuous evaporation and condensation in the container. This is why Silital offers companies dehydrating container bags, suitable for transport, storage and logistics and designed to absorb excess moisture inside the container.

Depending on the type of load, special bags are used that are designed not to become saturated in a short time and last for the duration of the transport. Thanks to their characteristics, these products are also suitable for transporting food, as they do not alter and modify the organoleptic properties of food and beverages, do not release gases and do not contain toxic substances. In addition, the correct use of dehydrating container bags eliminates the need to repack products when they arrive at their destination.


The advantages of dehydrating salts for transport, storage and logistics

The products offered by Silital to combat moisture in containers have two advantages:

  • are easy to use and very efficient, and maintain low humidity in the container, preventing water build-up;
  • pose no danger to the goods, as they are made of non-toxic, non-flammable tyvek with a breathable layer that traps moisture without releasing it.


Why use Silital desiccant bags

In a globalised world, where goods and products travel every day by sea, land or air packed in containers of all kinds (sea containers, wooden packaging, cardboard packaging, polyethylene packaging or barrier laminate packaging), it is important to be able to preserve the original characteristics of each product.

Silital desiccant bags, made of bentonite or clay, are the ideal solution when it comes to protecting materials or mechanical parts from corrosion, mould and oxidation during transport or long storage periods.

During maritime transport, the various temperature changes can cause the so-called 'rain effect', which consists of the continuous evaporation and condensation of moisture inside a container.

Calcium chloride desiccant bags avoid this situation by absorbing all excess moisture and maintaining the qualities of each product.

Depending on the type of load, they can be used alone or with other desiccants.