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Electronics: protect components from moisture


Electronics: protect components from moisture


Semiconductors and electronic products require a dry and controlled climate for perfect operation. In particular, high humidity and condensation are responsible for the corrosion of microchip circuit points and lead to semiconductor failures.

Research by the US Air Force states that 20 per cent of all electronic failures are caused by corrosion resulting from moisture, and moisture always affects the resistance of insulating materials with irreparable damage to the system when current flows where it should not. Reduced humidity leads to fewer failures and the perfect functioning of electronic components.

Few people know that moist air is a conductor and risks causing serious fires in the case of an excessively moist environment and the concomitant presence of electronic products, such as generators, electrical switches, circulators, radar and communication equipment. In radar systems, moisture can cause ionisation of the air inside the waveguide tubes. In these cases, the air in the guides should be dehumidified to a very low dew point.


Moisture damage to electronic products

Humidity influences the functioning and life cycle of electronic products due to the presence of two processes:

  • Short circuit;
  • Corrosion.

This is why Silital's dehydrating salt production specialists recommend inserting a silica gel pack into the casing and packaging of the electronic component to reduce moisture. This is why most packaging today contains a sachet of dehydrating salt, which absorbs moisture and reduces condensation.


Not only silica gel: other absorbent materials

Alongside silica gel, manufacturers of dehydrating salts also recommend using other absorbent materials to remove moisture and traces of gases from the air. These include activated alumina, a commercially available porous desiccant that offers perfect efficiency at high temperatures, or activated carbon, which removes corrosive and toxic gases from the air.

Molecular sieves are equally effective, and these solutions are recommended to protect electronic components stored in an environment laden with moisture and gases.


Silital desiccant bags for electronics

The bags and sachets of dehydrating salts offered by Silital are used to protect drones, microchips, optical lenses, photographic lenses, computers, servers, telescopes, rifle scopes, precision optics, switchboards and any other electronic aid.

The raw materials of Silital micro-bags (silica gel, bentonite, molecular sieve, orange silica gel) prevent excess moisture in the air from damaging any components. This is why they are products that enable those working in the electronics industry to safeguard technological components.

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