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Moisture: protect garments from damage


Moisture: protect garments from damage


Manufacturers and retailers who want to protect garments, underwear and shoes from moisture damage and prevent mould and odour stains can rely on Silica Gel.
Dehydrating salt sachets are mainly used in shops and warehouses to keep garments in good condition and avoid nasty surprises, as well as in finished products and packaging.

Wood does not insulate clothing and accessories from the moisture in the room, so at Silital you can buy silica gel or silica gel sachets that are ideal against mould and condensation that could ruin textiles, leather and hides.


Why use Silital Dehydrating Salts sachets?

There are many benefits associated with the use of Silital Dehydrating Salts sachets:

  1. silica gel has absorbent and dehydrating properties and protects clothing and accessories by preventing damage caused by external agents.
  2. silica gel is non-staining and non-liquid, but above all it is harmless and non-toxic to people, animals and the environment.
  3. dehydrating salt sachets can be regenerated and reused several times.


Silital's tips for combating humidity

Manufacturing industries that need to combat moisture and protect clothing and accessories in shops and warehouses can use the larger, TNT-wrapped silica gel sachets. The number of desiccant bags depends on the amount of clothing to be protected.

In addition to this, some precautions can be taken: place the garments in vacuum bags with the sachet of dehydrating salts inside or use boxes with plastic lids for accessories such as hats, belts and shoes.
In any case, silica gel sachets are most effective in containers that act as a barrier against external infiltration.


Silica gel sachets: when to refill them

The silica gel contained in the sachets runs out and this depends on the humidity of the environment in which they are placed. How to know if they are still working properly?
In this case, Silital's advice is to weigh the bag and when it weighs 40 per cent more than the weight indicated on the bag, it should be regenerated in the microwave. 

When the bag of dehydrating salt returns to its original weight, it can be placed back in the box, drawer, cupboard.  In addition, Silital Gel recommends combining the sachet with activated charcoal, which prevents unpleasant wardrobe odours such as mouldy and musty odours, often accompanied by moisture.

If you want to preserve your clothes from moisture and keep them perfect at all times, sachets of dehydrating salts are the ideal solution. Contact us to find out more!