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Rain effect in containers: how to reduce and eliminate it with SILDRYs


Rain effect in containers: how to reduce and eliminate it with SILDRYs


Those who have to ship goods, especially valuable goods, in a container are particularly afraid of damage from moisture and condensation and what is known as the rain effect. However, there is one viable solution to container rain and that is calcium chloride bags or chains, which Silital has always offered and which are suitable for protecting loads during shipping.


Whole container: how to protect it?

Shipment is usually by whole containers, the preferred choice for those with high cargo volumes. Once the container is filled, it is sealed and ready for collection by the courier, but it is the shipper's responsibility to protect the goods not only from theft and damage, but also from moisture.

This is a typical case where Silital recommends the use of SILDRY dehydrating chains or container bags, which are perfect for counteracting the rain effect of the container. What's it about?


Rain effect in containers: what it is

Think of goods travelling for many months, storing them outdoors and exposing the container, albeit carefully sealed, to the elements. When the temperature rises, the moisture in the container evaporates and when it falls, condensation forms on the walls and roof of the container, which generates a rain effect.

We speak in this case of container rain and for companies it is essential that goods do not get wet and damaged during shipment.           


Dehydrating chains to counteract moisture in containers

When exposed to 90% relative humidity at 25°C, SILDRY absorbs a minimum of 200 g of water vapour in 24 hours.
The non-woven fabric used to produce the bag has good water vapour permeability, which ensures an adequate adsorption rate in all weather conditions.
The speed of absorption is very important in the case of rapid changes in temperature/humidity, as well as in the moments after loading containers.
Due to the specific action of calcium chloride, the SILDRY bag is particularly active when relative humidity exceeds 40 per cent, so the bag can protect goods for a long time during transport. 

The best solution to counteract the rain effect in containers is to use desiccant chains, which are composed of calcium chloride and can reduce the moisture in the container.
In addition to this, it is important to protect parcels with laminated barrier bags, especially if the journey is long and there is a risk of the dehydrating chain becoming saturated.

Finally, the perfect shipment includes the combination of dehydrating salts and barrier material. The latter is a high-quality multilayer foil material, which protects against both moisture and ultraviolet radiation: it is also used for extremely sensitive goods. Isolated by the barrier material, the package is hermetically sealed and vacuum-packed, and SILDRY pouches with calcium chloride can also be used for added moisture protection.

In conclusion, containers during their long journeys are affected by many atmospheric factors such as temperature changes between day and night that cause a rain effect, also known as container rain inside them.

SILDRY Silital desiccant bags avoid this situation by absorbing excess moisture and ensuring a stable environment inside the containers.

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