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Moisture indicators

Moisture indicators make it possible to check the moisture level inside a package by providing a clear, visual colour change in the circular spots on the cardboard, giving the immediate percentage of the moisture level in the environment.

If the moisture content is high, the operator should check that the packaged product is still in good condition and replace the desiccant bags immediately

Silital offers customers two different types of moisture indicator:

  • Moisture indicators with portholes: these are useful for inspecting the moisture level inside a barrier package; allowing you to assess the saturation of desiccant bags
  • Moisture plate indicators: these are indicators with reading spots that indicate the exceeding of a moisture value within a package.


Importance of moisture indicators

Dehydrating salts for packaging are indispensable whenever goods need to be protected from moisture inside packaging made of plastic film or barrier laminates.

Dehydrating salts for packaging are hygroscopic substances used to absorb the water vapour contained in packaging when it is closed. They can be based on:

  • Bentonite clay
  • silica gel
  • molecular sieves
  • Other raw materials.

In addition to dehydrating salts, those who want to take care of goods transported over long periods of time by land or sea or stored in warehouses can make use of porthole or plate moisture indicators. In both cases, these products make it possible to know the degree of saturation of the dehydrating salt in order to replace it and preserve the product from condensation, mould and moisture at all times.

Silital's advice is always to buy dehydrating salt bags together with moisture indicators, not only when protecting small packages, but also to avoid the rain effect inside containers. Being able to count on a reference point in the production of bags and micro-bags of dehydrating salts like Silital means having high quality products that can be used in every industrial sector: chemical, food, pharmaceutical, as well as fashion, electronics, leather goods, technology and luxury goods companies.

As required by the latest international standards, the correct calibration of moisture indicators is checked in our laboratory in compliance with Jedec. In order to comply with DIN 55473, moisture indicators were developed that do not contain Cobalt Dichloride and that maintain the blue to pink tint, and that complement the traditional plate moisture indicators.