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Silital desiccant bags

Excess moisture inside packaging causes a number of negative effects to the finished product such as mould, oxidation and rust, thus causing economic damage to the company.

Goods shipped and stored for long periods are thus preserved from damage by the use of dehydrating bags, which reduce the moisture inside the packaging. Silital provides many solutions to its customers, satisfying all kinds of requirements with a varied choice of raw materials and type of casing.


Characteristics of dehydrating bags

Companies use desiccant bags and dehydrating bags, also in the form of chains, to absorb the moisture created by temperature changes during transport or storage of goods. The high quality product offered by Silital is placed in the packaging or container to counteract moisture, vapour condensation and mould that forms with temperature changes between day and night and affects the goods.

Depending on the type of use, there are specific products (such as Silica Gel bags) that must be placed either in the packaging or inside the container in specific quantities. Many raw materials are also used to make the bags, although silica gel is the most common and used for its great moisture-absorbing properties.


What silica gel is and what it is used for

Silica gel, or silica gel, is a desiccant used to preserve and protect weather-sensitive technological and manufacturing products contained within packaging from moisture. In addition to industrial use, silica gel bags are also suitable for domestic use.

You can also put silica gel near books, documents you want to preserve or parts of the house such as cellars where moisture reigns. With their absorbent power, the sachets prevent the deterioration of paper and walls. Silica sachets make silverware shine.

These sachets are part of all sectors and we find them in most of our purchases, since in every commercial sector they are used to protect products from moisture: fashion, electronics, pharmaceuticals and food are among the sectors in which dehydrating sachets produced and marketed by Silital are most commonly used.

Their presence significantly reduces the possibility of mould forming or moisture spoiling goods during transport, especially if this lasts for days and involves travelling thousands of kilometres.