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Porthole moisture indicators | Silital

Porthole moisture indicators | Silital

Porthole moisture indicators are useful for inspecting the moisture level inside a barrier package, allowing the saturation of the desiccant bags to be assessed. In detail, their use makes it possible to check the effectiveness of the packaging and the state of saturation of the desiccant bags contained in it. If the moisture indicator shows a relative humidity level higher than expected, this means that there are leaks inside the packaging or that the bags have reached saturation and must therefore be replaced.


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What is barrier packaging?

Barrier packaging are bags made of barrier laminate, which is characterised by its three-layer film and high strength. Generally, barrier packaging consists of an outer polyester layer, aluminium foil in the middle and an inner layer of high-intensity polyethylene.

The structure of barrier packaging is characterised by its high resistance not only to stress but also to corrosion caused by weathering and is therefore suitable for goods that must withstand

  • Moisture:
  • High or low outside temperatures;
  • UV rays.

In addition, barrier bags are especially used to pack packages with metal and oxidation-prone parts. In these situations, it is essential to be able to know the moisture level and saturation of the desiccant bag at all times, which is why Silital offers moisture indicators with portholes to its customers.


When to use barrier bags?

The goods to be packed are placed inside the barrier bag, into which the bags of dehydrating salts offered by Silital are then added. The bag is then sealed with the use of special sealers on the open sides and the air inside is sucked out. This results in a vacuum-sealed package.

Barrier bags for packaging are especially necessary on long sea journeys or in unfavourable climatic conditions. Moreover, they are particularly suitable if you plan to store goods for a long period of time.

We recommend always adding a porthole moisture indicator to the barrier bag to check, especially on long journeys or for long-term storage in the warehouse, the moisture status of the package and the degree of saturation of the desiccant bag. This will prevent damage to the goods due to moisture, mould and condensation.

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