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Dehydrating salts TNT | Silital

Dehydrating salts TNT | Silital

TNT desiccant bags are used in all cases where moisture tends to damage goods and prevent mould and condensation in packaging or containers. In particular, Silital's TNT bags use selected raw materials to ensure maximum efficiency and safety in use and to protect goods from oxidation, mould, rust and more that are created when the humidity of the packaging exceeds a certain percentage.

Used with barrier materials, non-woven bags are a real shield against moisture damage and are designed to protect goods in sealed packaging and to protect plants, machinery, electrical and electronic components, foodstuffs and clothing from condensation and water.


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What are TNT dehydrating salts used for?

By using desiccant salts in TNT, companies prevent the formation of moisture in the packaging or wrapping of a product, allowing the goods to be stored for a long time without deterioration of any kind. This is the ideal way not to alter the product during storage and shipping.

Industrial packaging is protected against moisture mainly with clay salts, which are very inexpensive and have a good absorption capacity, which can reach ±27% absorption at 90% relative humidity. In this case the bags of dehydrating salts are made of TNT for good mechanical resistance.

The barrier laminate with 4-layer TNT is also an ideal solution for sea packaging or long storage periods: the non-woven structure of the bag of desiccated salts makes it more resistant to tearing. It is also a long-lasting, safe and non-toxic product.


Types of TNT dehydrating salt bags

Silital offers customers various types of TNT dehydrating salt bags depending on the use and scope of application. In both cases, these are solutions that ensure the percentage of dust that can escape:

  • TNT TYPE A: most economical option used in industrial sectors where total absence of dust is not required.
  • TNT TYPE B: an option that guarantees 0% dust leakage, making it ideal for those sectors that have strict sanitary regulations to comply with or very delicate packaging that needs additional guarantees.

In addition, our bags can be produced in tyvek fabric and poly-coated paper.

In any case, whatever the goods or product to be protected at Silital you will find a wide range of dehydrating salt bags to prevent damage and deterioration caused by moisture and condensation that may form during storage or transport of goods.


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