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Desiccants with indicator drop | Silital

Desiccants with indicator drop | Silital

Bags with desiccant and desiccant salts for packaging have always been the ideal solution to prevent the spread of moisture in enclosed spaces. In this area, Silital is also a benchmark in the production of indicator drop desiccants suitable for counteracting moisture and condensation in packaging, containers or containers.

The indicator drop desiccant is one of the environmentally friendly products designed to combine excellent absorption capacity and low cost.


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Advantages of Silital indicator drop desiccants

In addition to the normal characteristics of bags with dehydrating salts, desiccant bags with an indicator drop have the function of signalling to the user the degree of saturation of the bag, ensuring the maximum absorption rate. This allows you to avoid waste by replacing desiccant only at the right time and constantly protecting all your products safely.

This is why desiccant bags with indicator drops are valued by industries where reducing moisture and condensation in packaging is of particular importance, such as high fashion, luxury, jewellery and watchmaking, as well as the technology, electronics and industrial sectors. 


What are indicator drop desiccants used for

The desiccant bag with indicator drop is used to decrease the dew point in packaging and the most commonly used material is silica gel or bentonite clay. It is the perfect raw material for protecting the most weather-sensitive technological and manufacturing products stored in packaging from moisture.
The drop on the bag serves to indicate the degree of moisture absorbed, and thanks to the change of colour it is an easy and intuitive system.
Brown = dry
Green = wet

The silica gel desiccant in particular absorbs moisture and lowers the dew point in the packaging during transport, while maintaining the product's characteristics.


Formats of dehydrating salts

Dehydrating bags and desiccants with indicator drops are widely used in the packaging, electronics and fashion industries, but also in the food industry. The solutions are offered in different formats to suit every type of packaging and degree of moisture to be absorbed and protect every type of product.

Desiccants also include orange silica gel, which turns green when saturated, and can be stored for long periods as long as the packaging with which they are supplied remains intact. This is why the best bags, such as the drop desiccants supplied by Silital, indicate the moisture content to see if they have been used or if the salts are still usable.

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