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Dehydrators with cord | Silital

Dehydrators with cord | Silital

Silital corded desiccants are the ideal solution to protect rooms from humidity. This product provides the guarantee of high-performance packaging and includes the desiccant bags and barrier laminate pouch.

The combined use of these two elements makes it possible to create an environment with controlled relative humidity, which is essential for maintaining the characteristics of the goods and for preserving the products from oxidation, mould and other alterations that affect the quality of the goods stored in the warehouse.

In particular, Silital corded desiccant bags are designed to absorb water vapour in the air, both that which is present at the closure of the package, and that which permeates through the barrier laminate in the case of long-lasting packages. In order to choose the most suitable desiccant bag, we recommend the correct packaging size according to DIN 55474.


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Dehydrating bags materials with cord

Among the materials used for corded desiccant bags are:

  • Bentonite clay: this is a natural, non-corrosive, inert and low-dusting dehydrating material. Due to its absorption of ± 25% by weight, it is suitable for the protection of many product categories;
  • Silica gel: is a synthetically produced, non-corrosive, chemically inert desiccant with minimal dustiness. Mainly used in pharmaceutical, food and electronic packaging, it provides 40% absorption;
  • Molecular sieve: this is a material that absorbs multiple molecules depending on the diameter of the pores, the size of which varies between 3 and 10 A. It has an important dehydrating function on gases and solvents and is used to remove CO2, H2S and nitrogen products from the environment, separating gases and liquids.


Dehydrating bag casing with Silital cord

The casing of the Silital corded dehydration bags is made of non-woven fabric, a perfect material to ensure the absorption of water vapour into the bag. Based on the amount of dust, two classes of enclosures are distinguished, again according to DIN 55473.

Silital's drawstring bags are an economical, versatile and effective solution for protecting products from moisture. The application of two drawstrings at the two bag ends allows, by means of a small knot, our dehydrating bags to be hung safely and comfortably.

This is why so many companies turn to Silital to protect their goods safely and without harming health and the environment from damp, mould and condensation.


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