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Bulk Dryers | Silital

Bulk Dryers | Silital

From Silital, companies can also purchase silica gel in bulk and not packaged in the traditional bags and sachets of dehydrating salts. Bulk desiccants are sold in sealed bags with large quantities of raw material or in 500 or 1000 gram polyethylene bottles, and there is no shortage of very large drums for special industrial supplies.


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Types of bulk silica gel

Two different types of bulk desiccant and bulk silica gel are commercially available:

  • White silica gel, i.e. the classic silicon dioxide used in the preparation of bags, available in different grain sizes, in spheres ranging from 0.1mm to 1.5mm, 2mm to 5mm, or in crystals from 6mm to 8mm;
  • Silica gel with indicator (orange silica gel) that can change colour to highlight the state of moisture absorption, with particle sizes from 1mm to 3mm, or 3mm to 6mm.

All that remains is to contact an industry leader like Silital and get advice on the most suitable product for your needs to combat mould, condensation and moisture.


How is bulk Silica Gel used?

Silica gel and bulk desiccants are the ideal solution for protecting goods of all kinds from moisture, mould, corrosion and condensation. This product is used during the processing, storage and transport of goods and is particularly used in industrial drying systems, for laboratory purposes, in drying compressed air and pressure compensation containers. It is ideal for static air and gas drying.

The bulk desiccant silica gel consists of hard, glass-like silicon dioxide beads.
Their large inner surface can absorb a large amount of water, which is released when regenerated.
Its structure makes it ideal for filtering and separating substances, as it is highly hygroscopic.  The small size of the grains allows the smallest particles to be filtered out. In this way, the finer the silica gel, the more it absorbs moisture.

The use of bulk desiccants is also very simple: simply place the product in the closed area to be dried by distributing it liberally or pouring it into special containers and then regenerate it by heating it in an oven at 100-150°C.


Characteristics of orange silica gel

Among the bulk desiccants offered by Silital is the orange silica gel composed of 90% whitish, colourless silica gel and 10% orange silica gel. When the water content reaches about 6 %, the orange pearls turn green. A blue-green colouration indicates complete saturation. Weighing to check the degree of saturation is therefore not necessary.

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